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“Yarrow is a skillful scene setter, and unpacks trends that objectified women’s bodies, making it easy for bitchification to take root… That’s the real power of 90s Bitch — it looks beyond the gender war many girls didn’t realize they were fighting to show how they were implicated in their own submission… The good news is that we can use Yarrow’s framework to reevaluate the stories we tell and the narratives we accept about women who step outside the prescribed lines of female success. In doing so, we can set aside some of our ’90s nostalgia and work toward a future of gender parity.”   – The Los Angeles Review of Books

“The 1990s was a decade that produced a long line of vilified women – from Anita Hill to Monica Lewinsky – and, Yarrow contends, we need to understand that moment in feminist history to appreciate our own.”   – The New York Times Book Review

“In her trenchant book 90s Bitch: Media, Culture, and the Failed Promise of Gender Equality, Allison Yarrow looks back on that decade with a heightened awareness of sexism and connected forms of discrimination. 90s Bitch establishes that many of the gender troubles of the last few years—a presidential candidate calling his opponent a “nasty woman,” companies using female “empowerment” as a marketing ploy, a group of men threatening violence against women they believe have unjustly denied them sex—follow in a long tradition.”   – The New Republic

“Smartly written, much of this cultural critique of women in media, politics, television, music and more still rings true today.”   – Book Riot

“In ’90s Bitch, Allison Yarrow takes you back to the the era of Anita Hill and Monica Lewinsky and Tonya Harding and examines how the media fueled America’s sexism.”   – Bustle

“An important read about gender politics.”   – HelloGiggles.com

“Yarrow is on to something.”   – NBC News

“Whoa. Dope.”   – Abbi Jacobson

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