To understand how we got here, we have to rewind the VHS tape. 90s Bitch tells the real story of women and girls in the 1990s, exploring how they were maligned by the media, vilified by popular culture, and objectified in the marketplace. Trailblazing women like Hillary Clinton, Anita Hill, and Marcia Clark were undermined. Newsmakers like Monica Lewinsky, Tonya Harding, and Lorena Bobbitt were shamed and misunderstood. The advent of the 24-hour news cycle reinforced society’s deeply entrenched sexism. Meanwhile, marketers hijacked feminism and poisoned girlhood for a generation of young women.

Today, there are echoes of 90s “bitchification” nearly everywhere we look. To understand why, we must revisit and interrogate the 1990s—a decade in which female empowerment was twisted into objectification, exploitation, and subjugation. Yarrow’s thoughtful, juicy, and timely examination is a must-read for anyone trying to understand 21st century sexism and end it for the next generation.

“Yarrow is a skillful scene setter, and unpacks trends that objectified women’s bodies, making it easy for bitchification to take root… That’s the real power of 90s Bitch — it looks beyond the gender war many girls didn’t realize they were fighting to show how they were implicated in their own submission… The good news is that we can use Yarrow’s framework to reevaluate the stories we tell and the narratives we accept about women who step outside the prescribed lines of female success. In doing so, we can set aside some of our ’90s nostalgia and work toward a future of gender parity.”   – The Los Angeles Review of Books

“The 1990s was a decade that produced a long line of vilified women – from Anita Hill to Monica Lewinsky – and, Yarrow contends, we need to understand that moment in feminist history to appreciate our own.”   – The New York Times Book Review

“This is a thrilling read, smart, lyrical and — above all – necessary. The book would be on my recommended reading-list at any time, but during the Trump era it should be mandatory.”  – Darin Strauss
NBCC-Winning Author of ‘Half a Life’
“Brava for this ambitious, confident, and brilliantly original explication de Bitch.”  – Wednesday Martin
#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of ‘Primates of Park Avenue’
“Yarrow’s prose is brilliant, her insights are razor-sharp, and her moral aim is essential.”  – Steve Almond
Author of ‘Bad Stories: What the Hell Just Happened to Our Country’
“90s Bitch is essential reading for every feminist.”  – Anne Helen Petersen
Author of ‘Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud’

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